Planet Prediction

  • Surya or Ravi (soo' ree yah; rah' vee) How We Act and Direct Common Abbreviation Su Key Words Father; activity; leading; ego; vitality; personal power Zodiac Ruler of Leo Favorable Traits Directs and inspires others; thinks big; positive; self-confident; generous Unfavorable Traits......More

Horoscope Readings

  • If the Sun occupies the first house, the person is strong, confident but lazy. If he or she is focused, he or she puts all his or her energy in achieving the target. He or she worries about children, may face opposition from brothers, could......More

Mahadasha Prediction

  • The native may get honour from the rulers and gain of wealth. He might be residing in hills or in forests. However, he might suffer from bile problem and fever. Separation from father is also possible. The Sun is the Karaka of father beside being......More

Planets Zodiac Signs

  • This is the exaltation sign of the Sun, where it remains exalted throughout the 30 degrees of this sign, and enjoys deep exaltation at 10 degrees.......More


  • REVATI  (ray' vuh tee) Pisces 16-40 to Aries 0-00 Translation: The wealthy one Symbol: A fish or a drum Deity:......More


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Planets Remedies

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Gems Healing

  • Ruby is generally used to overcome the evil impact of the bad placement of planet Sun in your horoscope. For getting the auspicious favour of Sun......More

Rudraksha Healing

  • Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word. If we split this word into two we get these two words Rudra and Aksha. Rudra means Lord Shiva and Aksha means......More

Chinese Zodiac Signs

  • This is the first zodiac sign of the Chinese. It is a predominated by water element. Those persons who are born between 11.00-1.00 p.m. (Night)......More

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