Back To Normal

Body wisdom was not meant to substitute for parental

teaching. They must both be there. But when there is conflict,

trust your wisdom. Will you ever get your primitive body wisdom

back and enjoy vegetables, fruit, simple styles of cooking

and baking them? Yes, to a considerable extent. You'll hold your

nose at all seeds and nuts and most flour (they smell so rancid).

You'll back away from cookies and cakes, especially icing (they

taste like you imagine shortening tastes). You'll retreat from deep

fat fried foods: the dripping grease will just undo the appetite.

You'll say “No thanks” to canned food and metal cutlery (you can

taste the metal now). You'd have to force yourself to eat grocery

bread (it's so doughy and sour smelling). Wheat germ smells

terrible (rancidity). Even vitamin tablets may smell awful.

Has life been ruined, now that plain potatoes and butter taste

good? Your body wisdom has returned. You are the true gourmet.

It is as different as corn on the cob is from the canned variety.

Perhaps you are “spoiled” now by eating un-rotten food. Accept

the charge with humor and dignity—as long as you're not

expected to eat any more spoiled, moldy food.

Do you have any questions?

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