A food mold that causes strange feelings and behavior is ergot.

Although laws regulate the amount of ergot allowed in

All U.S. brands of pasta I

tested had mold, including health

food brands like the one shown

here (left). No Mexican brands of

pasta, like the one pictured

(right), had any molds.

foods,20 this is not enough protection. Ergotoxins, for example

LSD, are active in extremely minute (less than a microgram,

about one thousandth of a fly speck) quantities. They are not

destroyed by heat and are especially toxic to children. I found

traces in cereals, whole grain breads, wines, and honey. It can be

detoxified by adding vitamin C but takes longer; about 10

minutes. Detoxify all your honey as soon as it arrives in your

house. Warm it slightly and add vitamin C (1/8 tsp. per cup). Stir

with wood or plastic.

Ergot toxicity could explain “Jekyll and Hyde” behavior in

children, commonly attributed to “allergies”. In fact, the

mechanism, inability by the liver to keep up with detoxification,

fits well into the “allergic” concept. If your child has undesirable

behavior, try going off the moldy food suspects for three weeks

(cold cereals, nuts and nut butters, store bought breads and baked

goods, syrups). Substitute cooked cereals, bakery breads,

potatoes, and honeys. Add vitamin C to honey, pasta and cooked

cereals. Pancakes and waffles made from scratch would be O.K.

Combining alcohol with ergot is more toxic than either is

alone. Alcohol seems to drive the toxin deeper into your tissues.

I have found ergot and aflatoxin in beer and wine! Perhaps some

of the bizarre behavior and speech of intoxication is really due to

the mold-alcohol combination. By delaying alcohol detoxification,

the mold could even be responsible for deaths “due to”

alcoholism. It would be safer to brew your own alcoholic beverages.

Start with pristine fruit. Or at least add vitamin C (1/8 tsp.

per cup) to the store bought container you are consuming.

Older children and adults are quite susceptible to ergot too. If

bizarre behavior shows up, such as saying mean and cruel things,

expressing unusual, irrational thoughts, feeling emo

20Canada allows one ergot grain per 300 grains of #3 or #4 wheat.

tionless or unreal, try the same diet changes, but put alcoholic

beverages, soy sauces and other sauces, and other grain derived

foods on the “off” list. Try this diet on yourself if you have a

temper or crying spells or frequent colds! Ergot can make you

super religious, hearing voices of command or threat. Ergot also

All cold cereals I tested were full of mold toxins

(besides solvents), health food varieties were worst.

causes seizures!

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