Outwit The Cravings

Here are some examples. Suppose you crave these items:

• Pickles. They supply vinegar and are often loved by persons

with little acid in their stomachs or a lot of yeast

(vinegar is a yeast inhibitor). Start drinking water with

lemon juice or vinegar and honey.

• Bacon. The fat soothes the stomach and slows down digestion.

Switch to butter and cream, with meals.

• Sugar coated cereals. Loved by persons with disturbed

sugar regulation. Kill parasites, avoid wood alcohol, use

chromium tablets and a lot of cinnamon.

• Crunchy munchies. Your jaw and teeth want some work to

do. Try salads, an apple, raw sunflower seeds (beware of

moldy seeds, nuts and dried fruit).

• Ice cream. Ice cold food stimulates the thyroid; loved by

low thyroid persons. Clean up the thyroid by doing dental

work and liver cleanses.

• Caffeine-laced beverages. Stimulate many body tissues,

raise blood pressure. Loved by low energy people. Do a

general body and environment cleanup. (There are people

who say coffee puts them to sleep. Insomnia has better

solutions than caffeine, though.)

• Candy. The more you eat the more you crave because

chromium is being used up as you eat it and yet it is necessary

to utilize more sugar. Give yourself chromium

(GTF) tablets totaling 1 mg. (1,000 mcg.) a day and watch

your sugar craving shrink.

• Pretzels. You want salt plus crunch.

• Potato chips. You want salt, grease, starch and crunch. No

wonder they are so popular!

If your body still has its wisdom, or most of it, why can't it

detect the mold in peanuts, crackers and bread for us? There is a

very sound reason. Our food manufacturers have gone to great

lengths to fool our native senses. Salt and sugar, roasting and

flavoring, do most of it.

Your body is accustomed, natively, to interpret sugar, salt,

and flavors as “good, good, good.” Of course, the mold is “bad,

bad, bad.” But when you mix them, what is your body to read?

The “goods” always win; manufacturers don't stop until they do.

More flavorings are added. The result is that you can be eating

rotten moldy food without knowing it.

Food that is predominantly concocted can't be interpreted by

your body wisdom. You must use your second-best ally, your


How would you interpret these situations, taken from real


• An elderly person can't stand butter, wants and enjoys


• A child prefers canned spaghetti for the real thing.

• A child wants to eat only sweets, everything else must be

coaxed down.

• A young man needs “his” beer to enjoy a cook-out.

• A young man with serious mental illness drinks half a

gallon of Mellow YellowTM a day.

• A child wants ketchup on everything.

• A pregnant woman puts herself on a pickled pigs feet and

white bread diet.

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