Body Clean-up

We are living in a very fortunate time. We are not expected to

all look alike! The 60's brought us this wonderful freedom.

Freedom to dress in a variety of styles, use make-up or no makeup,

jewelry or no jewelry, any kind of hair style, any kind of


You will need to go off every cosmetic and body product that

you are now using. Not a single one can be continued. They are

full of titanium, zirconium, benzalkonium, bismuth, antimony30,

barium31, strontium32, aluminum, tin, chromium, not to mention

pollution solvents such as benzene and PCBs.

Do not use any commercial salves, ointments, lotions,

colognes, perfumes, massage oils, deodorant, mouthwash,

toothpaste, even when touted as “herbal” and health-foodtype.

See Recipes for homemade substitutes.

30 Breast cancer cases show titanium, zirconium, benzalkonium,

bismuth and antimony accumulation in the breast.

31 Barium is described in the Merck Index as "Caution: All water or

acid soluble barium compounds are POISONOUS." 10th ed. p. 139

32 This element goes to bones.

People are trying desperately to use less toxic products. They

seek health for themselves. So they reach for products that just

list herbs and other natural ingredients. Unfortunately, the buyers

are being duped. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

requires all body products to have sufficient antiseptic in them.

Some of these antiseptics are substances you must avoid! But you

won't see them on the label because manufacturers prefer to use

quantities below the levels they must disclose. And by using a

variety of antiseptics in these small amounts they can still meet

sterility requirements. The only ingredient you might see is

“grapefruit seed” or similar healthy-sounding natural antiseptic.

This is sad for the consumer of health food varieties.

• I have seen rocks sold as “Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant”.

You rub the rock under your arms. It works because

the rock is made of magnesium-aluminum-silicate.

• Men's hair color has lead in it.

• Lipstick has barium, aluminum, titanium.

• Eye pencil and shadow have chromium.

• Toothpaste has benzene, tin, and strontium.

• Hair spray has propyl alcohol and PCBs. BEWARE! Stop

using it today.

• Shampoo, even health varieties, has propyl alcohol!

BEWARE! Stop using it today.

• Cigarettes have lead, mercury, nickel and Tobacco Mosaic


• Chewing tobacco has ytterbium

Some of the unnatural chemicals listed are present because of

residues in the manufacturing process, but others you will

actually see listed on the label!

Propyl alcohol and wood alcohol are present because the

tubing used to fill the bottles is sterilized and cleaned with them.

Ice cream machines are “oiled” with a gel containing petroleum products. This could explain why I always find benzene

in ice cream.

Examples of commercial “food lube.”

How can propyl alcohol in shampoo get into your body in

significant amounts? The skin is more absorbent than we realize,

and time and time again I see cancer victims who have gone off

every body product except their favorite shampoo. They harbor

propyl alcohol until they make that final sacrifice. It is better to

switch shampoos than to not need any due to radiation and


See Recipes for easy-to-make, natural cosmetics. But you

might consider just stopping them all. Especially if you're going

on vacation.

Use nothing that you wouldn't use on a new-born baby. This

is a permissive age. You will be the only one feeling “naked.”

Others won't even notice. Don't forget advertising is aimed at

you, even if other people's eyes are not!

Don't even use soap unless it is homemade soap (see Recipes)

or borax straight from the box. Borax was the traditional

pioneer soap. It is antibacterial and can be made into a solution.

It is also a water softener and is the main ingredient in non-

chlorine bleach. Borax can remove grease, too, and some stains.


But even borax is not natural to your body and it is therefore wise to use as little as necessary. See Recipes for antibacterial borax soap.

Dishes and clothing are primary source of


Detergents with PCBs.

homemade soap pure borax

Safe soaps.

Don't use toothpaste, not even health-food varieties. To

clean teeth, use plain water or chemically pure baking soda

(see Sources)—but dissolve it in water first, otherwise it

is too abrasive. Or brush with hydrogen peroxide food

grade, not the regular variety (see Sources). Don't use

floss; use 2 or 4-pound monofilament fish line. Floss has

mercury antiseptics (with thallium pollution!). Throw away

your old toothbrush—solvents don't wash away.

Don't use mouthwash. Use saltwater (aluminum-free salt) or

food grade hydrogen peroxide (a few drops in water).

Don't use hair spray.

Don't use massage oils of any kind. Use olive oil.

Don't use bath oil. Take showers, not baths, if you are strong

enough to stand. Showers are cleaner.

Don't use perfumes or colognes.

Don't use commercial lotions or personal lubricants.

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