Dental Rewards

After your mouth is metal and infection-

free, notice whether your sinus condition,

ear-ringing, enlarged neck glands, headache,

enlarged spleen, bloated condition, knee pain,

foot pain, hip pain, dizziness, aching bones

and joints metal.

Keep a small notebook to write down

these improvements. It will show you which symptoms came

originally from your teeth. Symptoms often come back! So go

back to your dentist, to search for a hidden infection under one or

more of your teeth, or where your teeth once were! That infection

can be the cause of tinnitus, TMJ, arthritis, neck pain, loss of

balance, and heart attacks!

Dentures can be beautiful. Of course, plastic isn't natural, but

it is the best compromise that can be made to restore your mouth.

At least it isn't positively charged like metals; it can't set up an

electric current nor a magnetic field in your mouth, all of which

may be harmful.

Do not be swayed by arguments that plastic is not as strong as metal. You see dentures everywhere and they seem strong enough to eat with. You will be told that “noble” metals like gold and platinum

Beautiful plastic mouth.

and silver are OK, that they are “inert” and do not corrode or

seep. Nothing could be more untrue. You may be keeping them

glossy by the constant polishing action of your toothpaste. But if

you look at the underside, the view is frightful. Everything

tarnishes and everything seeps. You wouldn't expect even a

gold or silver coin that

was dropped in a fountain

50 years ago to be

intact. As metal corrodes

your body absorbs it!

In breast cancer, especially,

you find that

metals from dentalware

have dissolved and accumulated

in the breast.

They will leave the

breast if you clear them out of your mouth (and diet, body, home).

The cysts shrink and are simply gone. No need to do surgery!

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