Food Guidelines

It is impossible to remember everything about every food, but

in general do not buy foods that are highly processed. Here are a

few foods; see if you can guess whether they should be in your

diet or not.

breads Yes, but only from a bakery, and never

wrapped in plastic.

toast No. It has benzopyrene and tungsten. Yes,

if made on a cookie sheet or in a frying


cheese Yes, if used in baked dishes.

chicken Only if cooked for 20 minutes at boiling

point, as in soup, or canned (never prepare

raw chicken yourself).

wine with dinner No.

peanut butter Yes if you grind it yourself and add ¼ tsp.

vitamin C powder as you grind.

cottage cheese No, it can't be sterilized easily.

desserts Yes, but again, only if flavored with safe


rice Yes, if vitamin C is added before cooking.

Use white only, brown is too moldy.

pasta Yes, with homemade sauce and vitamin C.

Jell-OTM No, it has artificial flavor and color.

egg dishes Yes, but not “imitation”, cholesterol-free or

cholesterol-reduced varieties.

fish, seafood Yes!

soy foods (tofu) No. It's the extensive processing that taints


soup Yes, if seasoned only with herbs (no

bouillon cube).

sugar Yes, turbinado or brown if treated with

vitamin C.

herb tea Yes, if not in a bag and not in a mixture of


cheesecake Yes.

Some good foods.

Choose brands with the shortest list of ingredients. Alternate

brands every time you shop.

All breads I tested had mold if they were in plastic.

Do you have any questions?

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