Special Clean-up for Asbestos

The biggest source of asbestos is not building materials! It is

the clothes dryer belt and hair dryer! To be safe, remove the belt

from your dryer and check to see if it says “Made in USA” on

the belt itself. If so, it is OK. If not, it is imported, and probably

contains asbestos. Exchange it for a USA belt (see Sources).

Hair dryers, too, may be imported and shed asbestos. It is

especially hazardous to be aiming a stream of hot asbestos right

at your face! If you can't find a safe model (see Sources), or are

unsure, don't use any. If you have cancer or are ill, no one in the

house should use an unsafe hair dryer.

Turn off radiators and electric heaters and cover them with

big plastic garbage bags, or paint them, or remove them. They

give off asbestos if their paint is old.

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