Special Clean-up for Fiberglass

Fiberglass insulation has microscopically small bits of glass

that are free to blow into the air. When house drafts pull it into

the air you will inhale them. They cut their way through your

lungs and organs like millions of tiny knives, spreading through

your body, since there is no way out for them. You smell nothing

and feel nothing. This makes it a very sinister poison. Your body,

though, recognizes these sharp, pointed bits and tries to stop their

spread by sequestering them in cysts.

Most solid malignant tumors contain fiberglass or asbestos,

another glass-like particle. In nearly all cases a hole can be

found in the ceiling or walls, leading to fiberglass insulated parts

of the house. When these holes are sealed in an air-tight manner

the house air no longer is positive for fiberglass. Covering with

paneling is not sufficient. Check your dwelling for uncovered

fiberglass. Repair immediately. Search for small screw holes

intended for pictures, or electric outlet plates that are missing.

Also remove fiberglass jackets from water heater and fiberglass

filter from furnace. Replace with foam or carbon. Best of

all, hire a crew to remove it all from your home, and replace insulation

with blown-in shredded paper or other innocuous substance.

Never build a new house using fiberglass for any purpose.

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