Special Clean-up for Freon (CFCs)


Because I consider Freon to be the top health hazard in our

home, I recommend turning in your refrigerator for a non-CFC

variety. Dispose of all spare units. Remove window air conditioners

or test the dust in your home (page 485) for Freon. Have

your car's air conditioning system checked. Dispose of old pressurized

cans. Even one whiff is too much. It never leaves the

body because the body has no detoxification methods for it!

Only one useful reaction with Freon comes to mind. Freon is

thought to be responsible for the ozone ďholeĒ at the South Pole.

Would Freon react with ozone supplied to your body and thereby

become biodegradable? Indeed, it does! But only if you drink it

as ozonated water. Other ozone routes, as intravenous or rectal,

have not been observed to be as effective.

If you are following your progress with the Syncrometer, you

will see that Freon now appears in the liver for the first time.

(Before this, it was marooned in the parathyroids, thymus, and

other organs.) You may also detect a feeling like indigestion.

You must come to the assistance of your liver. Even ozonated

Freon is extremely burdensome to the liver.

A combination of herbs (Liver Herb Drink in Recipes, page

552) rescues the liver from its plight, and prevents the indigestion.

After drinking liver herbs you will see that the Freon now

appears in the kidneys. Yet it is marooned there unless you assist

them. Take the kidney cleanse to assist the kidneys so they can

finally excrete the Freon into the urine.

It's an elaborate detoxifying program and usually takes six to

eight weeks to get most of the Freon out. Afterward, continue the

programs at one fourth dosage for half a year.

Forane is one of the new refrigerants. Although toxic, at least

I observe it in the liver directly, suggesting that your body is

capable of handling it. Remember your new refrigerator will

still be using a toxic coolant, and it would be best to keep it outside

or at least vented to the outside.

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