Your Garage

Do you have a garage that is a separate building from your

home? This is the best arrangement. You can move all the

basement chemicals into this garage. Things that will freeze, such

as latex paint, you may as well discard. But if your garage is

attached, you have a problem. Never, never use your door

between the garage and house. Walk around the outside. Don't

allow this door to be used. Tack a sheet of plastic over it to slow

down the rate of fume entrance into the house. Your house acts

like a chimney for the garage. Your house is taller and warmer

than the garage so garage-air is pulled in and up as the warm air

in the house rises. See the drawing.

In medieval days, the barn for the animals was attached to the house. We think such an arrangement with its penetrating odors is unsavory. But what of the gasoline and motor fumes we are getting now due to parked vehicles? These are toxic besides! This is even more medieval.

If your garage is under your house, you cannot keep the

pollution from entering your home. In this case, leave the cars

and lawnmower outside. Remove cans of gasoline, solvents, etc.

Put up a separate shed for these items.

Garage fumes.

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