REVATI nakshatra astrology

  • REVATI nakshatra astrology REVATI  (ray' vuh tee) Pisces 16-40 to Aries 0-00 Translation: The wealthy one Symbol: A fish or a drum Deity: Pushan the Prosperer, a form of the sun's light at dawn Marker Star:  Zeta Piscium...... More

UTTARABHADRAPADA nakshatra astrology

  • UTTARABHADRAPADA nakshatra astrology UTTARABHADRAPADA (OO' tah rah bah' drah pa' dah) Pisces 3-20 to Pisces 16-40 Translation: The burning pair (along with Purvabhadrapada) or the latter beautiful foot Deity: Ahirbudhnya, "bottom snake," or...... More

PURVABHADRAPADA nakshatra astrology

  • PURVABHADRAPADA nakshatra astrology PURVABHADRAPADA (pur' vah bah' drah pah' dah) Aquarius 20-00 to Pisces 3-20   Translation: The burning pair (with Uttara Bhadrapada); or the former beautiful foot (note that a "foot" could also be...... More

SATABISHA nakshatra astrology

  • SATABISHA nakshatra astrology SATABISHA   (sah tah bee' shah) Aquarius 6-40 to Aquarius 20-00 Translation: The hundred physicians Symbol: A garland of 100 flowers; a circle Deity: Varuna, the "all-enveloping sky," Ruler of the Waves or...... More

DHANISTHA nakshatra astrology

  • DHANISTHA nakshatra astrology DHANISTHA (dah neesh' tah) Capricorn 23-20 to Aquarius 6-40 Translation: Wealthy Symbol: A drum Deity: Vasus, the "abode" or "dweller," the Eight Aides of Vishnu Marker Star:  Beta...... More

SHRAVANA nakshatra astrology

  • SHRAVANA nakshatra astrology SHRAVANA (shrah' vah nah) Capricorn 10-00 to Capricorn 23-20 Translation: The listener Symbol: Ear (listening), an arrow, a trident Deity: Vishnu the All Pervading, one of the Trimurtis-the three operators or gunas of...... More

UTTARASHADA nakshatra astrology

  • UTTARASHADA nakshatra astrology UTTARASHADA (OO tah' rah shah' dah) Sagittarius 26-40 to Capricorn 10-00 Translation: The latter unsubdued Symbol: A small cot Deity: Vishwa-Deva-Vishwa means "universal" and Deva is a term for the gods,...... More

PURVASHADA nakshatra astrology

  • PURVASHADA nakshatra astrology PURVASHADA (pur vah sha' dah) Sagittarius 13-20 to Sagittarius 26-40 Translation: The former undefeated or unsubdued Symbol: An elephant's tusk, a fan, or a bed Deity: Varuna, "all enveloping sky," Lord...... More

MULA nakshatra astrology

  • MULA nakshatra astrology MULA   (moo'lah) Sagittarius 0-00 to Sagittarius 13-20 Translation: The root Symbol: Roots or a lion's tail (a whisk) Deity: Nirriti, a Goddess of Destruction-some say the Earth, akin to Bhumi, the Earth...... More

JYESHTHA nakshatra astrology

  • JYESHTHA nakshatra astrology JYESHTHA (jaysh' tah) Scorpio 16-40 to 0-00 Sagittarius Translation: The chief one, the eldest or first born Symbol: Umbrella or hanging earring Deity: Indra, Chief of Gods Marker Star:  Alpha Scorpii or...... More

ANURADHA nakshatra astrology

  • ANURADHA nakshatra astrology ANURADHA  (ah noo rah' dah) Scorpio 3-20 to Scorpio 16-40 Translation: Success (some say "After-Radha" in that Vishaka was also called "Radha") Symbol: Lotus flower, a row or furrow Deity:...... More

VISHAKHA nakshatra astrology

  • VISHAKHA nakshatra astrology VISHAKHA (vee shah' kah) Libra 20-00 to Scorpio 3-20 Translation: Forked branch Symbol: Archway for weddings Deity: Indra the Powerful, and Agni the Fire God Marker Star:  Alpha Llbrae (lee' bree;...... More

SWATI nakshatra astrology

  • SWATI nakshatra astrology SWATI (swah'tee) Libra 6-40 to Libra 20-00 Translation: Sword Symbol: A sword Deity: Vayu (vah' yoo) the Wind Marker Star:  Alpha Bootis (boh oh' teez) or Arcturus Dasa Planet: Rahu...... More

CHITRA nakshatra astrology

  • CHITRA nakshatra astrology CHITRA (chih' trah) Virgo 23-20 to Libra 6-40 Translation: Brilliant Symbol: A pearl Deity: Twastri (twahsh' tree), the Celestial Architect; or Vishwakarma, the God of Vastu Marker Star:  Alpha Virginis...... More

HASTA nakshatra astrology

  • HASTA nakshatra astrology HASTA (hah stah') Virgo 10-00 to Virgo 23-20 Translation: The hand or clenched fist Symbol: Palm of the hand or a fist Deity: Savitri (sah vee' tree) the Vivifier, the Sun as the stimulator of life Marker...... More

UTTARAPHALGUNI nakshatra astrology

  • UTTARAPHALGUNI nakshatra astrology UTTARAPHALGUNI (00 tah rah pal' goo nee) Leo 26-40 to Virgo 10-00 Translation: Latter red one or fig tree Symbol: Back legs of a bed Deity: Aryaman the Companion, Lord of Hospitality (some say the deity is Bhaga or...... More

PURVAPHALGUNI nakshatra astrology

  • PURVAPHALGUNI nakshatra astrology PURVAPHALGUNI (pur vah pal' goo nee) Leo 13-20 to Leo 26-40 Translation: Former red one or fig tree Symbol: Front legs of a bed Deity: Bhaga or "Fortune," or the "Dispenser" (some say the deity is...... More

MAGHA nakshatra astrology

  • MAGHA nakshatra astrology MAGHA  (mug' ha) Leo 0-00 to Leo 13-20 Translation: The mighty one Symbol: Palanquin, royal canopy Deity: Pitris, a "father," the forefathers or ancestors said to dwell in the firmament or the...... More

ASLESHA nakshatra astrology

  • ASLESHA nakshatra astrology   ASLESHA  (ahsh lay' sha) Cancer 16-40 to Leo 0-00 Translation: Entwiner (like a snake) Symbol: Coiled serpent Deity: Naga (nah' gah), a snake, Lord of Serpents Marker Star:  Epsilon Hydrae...... More

PUSHYA nakshatra astrology

  • PUSHYA nakshatra astrology PUSHYA   (poosh yah') Cancer 3-20 to Cancer 16-40 Translation: Nourishing or a flower Symbol: Udder of a cow, a flower Deity: Brahmanaspati (brah mahn' ahs pah tee) or Brihaspati (bree hus' pah tee), Lord...... More

PUNARVASU nakshatra astrology

  • PUNARVASU nakshatra astrology PUNARVASU (poo nar vah' soo) Gemini 20-00 to Cancer 3-20 Translation: Repeating prosperity or brilliance, "good again" Symbol: Quiver of arrows or an arrow Deity: Aditi (ah dee' tee) the Boundless-a Sun...... More

ARDRA nakshatra astrology

  • ARDRA nakshatra astrology ARDRA (ar' drah) Gemini 6-40 to Gemini 20-00 Translation: Teardrop or moisture (in the body) Symbol: Teardrop or drop of moisture Deity: Rudra (roo' drah) the Howler, Lord of Storms Marker Star:  Orionis...... More

MRIGASHIRA nakshatra astrology

  • MRIGASHIRA nakshatra astrology MRIGASHIRA (mrig ah sheer' ah) Taurus 23-20 to Gemini 6-40 Translation: Deer's head Symbol: Head of a deer Deity: Soma, the Moon; or Amrita (ahm' rih tah), the Ambrosia of the Gods Marker Star:...... More

ROHINI nakshatra astrology

  • ROHINI nakshatra astrology ROHINI (roh hee' nee) Taurus 10-00 to Taurus 23-20 Translation: The red one or the red deer Symbol: Cart (ox drawn) Deity: Brahma or Prajapati (prah jah' puh tee) the Creator Marker Star:  Alpha Tauri...... More

KRITTIKA nakshatra astrology

  • KRITTIKA nakshatra astrology   (krih' tih kah) Aries 26-40 to Taurus 10-00 Translation: The cutter Symbol: Sharp weapon (razor or ax), flame Deity: Agni, God of Fire and Light Marker Star: Eta Tauri (toh' ree) or Alcyone (al see'...... More

BHARANI nakshatra astrology

  • BHARANI nakshatra astrology BHARANI (bahr’ on nee) Aries 13-20 to Aries 26-40 Translation: The bearer (one who bears burdens) Symbol: Yoni-sex organ, womb, point of origin Deity: Yama, God of Control or Death Marker Star:  Gamma...... More

ASHWINI nakshatra astrology

  • ASHWINI nakshatra astrology (ahsh win nee) Aries 0-00 to Aries 13-20 Translation: The horseman or horse harnessers Symbol: Horses head Deity: Ashwini Kumars, Physicians of the Gods; Some say Agni, the Fire God Marker Star: Alpha or Beta Arietis (air ee eh'...... More

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