Crystal Therapy

Shamans often use a clear quartz crystal for the purpose of divination. Crystal and coal combine the elements of Fire and Earth. When divining with crystal and coal, we ask these elements to help us solve our problems. The following medicine is similar to the Navajo divination method described in chapter 6. You will need: Sage, cedar, or copal herbs An old baking pan Self-starting coals A small shovel or tongs A medium to large clear quartz crystal point" or a stone of light 1. Heat the coals in the baking pan until they are red-hot and glowing. Remove your stone of light (or your favorite crystal) from its special pouch and place it in front of you. 2. Sprinkle the sage, cedar, or copal on the coals, all the time praying to the Great Spirit for help. Use your own words to talk to the Creator. Say whatever is on your mind and in your heart. 3. Now, hold the crystal between your thumb and forefinger, in the hand that feels most receptive. Gaze through the crystal at the glowing coal embers. What do you see? What do you feel? Go with the thoughts, feelings, and images that spontaneously arise before you. Your first impressions are usually the correct ones for assessing the situation. 4. Follow your instincts and proceed with healing the condition through whatever method seems right

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