Crystal Therapy


Whitish yellow and orange             


Long, finger-like, opaque bi-colour crystal               


May need searching for                   


United States, Britain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, Romania               

ATTRIBUTES Icicle Calcite is a spiritual and pragmatic guidance crystal that fires creativity at all levels. Spiritually, it is a powerful amplifier of energy with strongly purifying and cleansing properties that quickly remove stagnant energies wherever they are located. The white portion of Icicle Calcite acts like a wand to pull multi-dimensional disease, disharmony, negativity or blockages from the physical or etheric body and, once the crystal has been cleansed, the site can then be repaired and re-energized with the orange portion, bringing the body back into balance on all levels.

Psychologically, Calcite connects the mind and the emotions and increases the ability to see things in a new way. Icicle Calcite helps you to understand and clear the root causes of psychosomatic dis-ease or ancestral-line' DNA imbalances. It takes you back into past situations, reframes' them and transmits healing backward and forward down the ancestral line so that the problem does not arise in the present.

Emotionally, Icicle Calcite gently releases fear and alleviates emotional stress, replacing it with serenity. It insists that you step forward into the future to live out your purpose with courage, conviction and the certainty that you are following the path of your soul. Whenever you feel in need of support, hold Icicle Calcite and request assistance.

HEALING Works etherically or physically to remove blockages and re-energize cells.

POSITION Use as a wand.



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