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Tiny six-pointed stars included within a Quartz point          




South Africa and worldwide         

ATTRIBUTES Spiritually, Star Hollandite takes you into the oneness of all things and ultimate stillness. A stone for contacting star beings, star lore or universal wisdom, Star Hollandite views the origins of ancient Egypt and the intervention of the star people in its development - as well as your place within that experience - dissolving any karma' that may remain.

Psychologically, Star Hollandite helps to disperse tension and anxiety and supports rational thought. Drawing off negative energy at the physical and mental levels, it creates calm acceptance and inner watchfulness. This stone helps in realizing the breadth of your being and offers the solace of knowing that you are not alone in the universe. Holding this stone calls in a guide or helper or allows you to visit the stars for comfort and advice.

The stars within the crystal are Geothite, a mineral that attunes to the notes of the earth and stars, bringing deeper contact with earth energies. Resonating to 44, the number of metamorphosis, Geothite facilitates clairaudience and metaphysical abilities'. Powerfully attuned to the healing power of nature, it enhances dowsing abilities. Contacting the devas" and the anima terra, soul of the earth, this stone makes you more sensitive to subtle energies and the energetic currents within the earth and the human body.

Environmentally, Star Hollandite facilitates a 'fine-tuning' of the energy meridians' of the planet and reactivates power points set in place by the ancients.

HEALING Works mostly beyond the physical level of being, but see Geothite.


POSITION Hold or grid as appropriate. 

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