Benefits of VIVIANITE

Crystal Therapy


Deep green or blue (tarnishes on contact with air)              


Small, transparent or metallic clusters or blades                 in matrix; crystals are sometimes bent      

RARITY                 Can be expensive               


Germany, United States, Brazil  

ATTRIBUTES Vivianite works with the third eye to sharpen intuition and to act as a guide during travel through the multi-dimensional planes of reality. Spiritually. it accesses your core soul purpose and assists in seeing what has formerly been obscured. A layered stone, it is helpful for working on several levels at once as the energy goes out in waves. If anyone has been hampering your vision, Vivianite clears the veils from your eyes and enables true seeing. Use it to recognize what you have been refusing to see in yourself or in others and to heal inner sight. This stone can also assist in coming to terms with having seen the unseeable or the unacceptable.

Vibrant Vivianite is a useful auric cleanser as it pulls out excess stimulation and negative energy, replacing it with peace and calm. This stone reverses the spin of the crown chakra if required, creating a base note and connecting to the subtle body of the earth to hold you gently in incarnation. This stone is the perfect adjunct to healing visualizations and to ritual working at a distance as it brings the souls together to enhance the effect.

Psychologically, Vivianite assists with dream work, reworking a dream creatively to provide healing and insight. This stone assists in setting and attaining realistic goals and imparts the strength to carryon through adversity. making life appear stimulating and challenging rather than dreary. If you continually make emotional projections' or harbour illusions about the future, Vivianite encourages being in the moment.

Emotionally, Vivianite is helpful for uncovering your deepest feelings and things you deny to yourself, integrating your shadow'. If your relationship needs a shake-up, Vivianite brings about revitalization.

Physically, it is an excellent healer for chronic eye conditions. Environmentally, as the crop-circle stone, Vivianite links into earth energies and assists in reading crop markings and contacting the energy behind the patterns. To integrate crop-circle energy into your life, meditate with Vivianite in the centre of a circle or gaze into a photograph of a circle.

HEALING Beneficial for eyes, especially iritis, conjunctivitis or cataracts; assists spinal alignment, the heart, liver, memory, vitality, cellular memory'; removes free-radicals; aids the assimilation of iron.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. If healing eyes, ensure the eye is closed and place the stone on a sterile tissue.



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