Benefits of YOUNGITE

Crystal Therapy


Orange-brown and white                


Tiny drusy crystals over a jasper matrix    


Largely mined out               


United States     

ATTRIBUTES A combination of Brecciated Jasper and Drusy Quartz, Youngite is a shamanic stone that accesses different planes of consciousness, taking you to a space without thought where souls meet and merge.

Spiritually, it links to multi-dimensions, supraconsciousness and All That Is. Youngite was traditionally said to be the perfect stone for spiritual warriors and leaders as it lights the way forward and offers the courage to stand up and be counted.

The Brecciated Jasper component of this stone heals mental stress, centres the mind and heightens mental agility and rational thought, strengthening intellectual capability in difficult circumstances, while the Drusy Quartz component enhances the ability to laugh at the most traumatic of events.

Psychologically effective for all inner-child' work, Youngite reconnects to the joyous, innocent child that lies within everyone and releases the creative possibilities that child offers. Healing wounds from childhood and beyond, especially those held in the base and sacral chakras, it is helpful in soul-retrieval' as it gently coaxes back childish soul fragments that split off through trauma, joy, forward projection or wishful thinking.

HEALING Works best beyond the physical level of being; excellent for inner-child healing and ameliorating mental stress.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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