Benefits of ADAMITE

Crystal Therapy




Vitreous, transparent crystal or druse       




Mexico, Greece, United States  

ATTRIBUTES A strongly creative stone, Adamite has little direct spiritual effect other than enhancing metaphysical gifts' and communication with those in other dimensions. But, if you are ruled by emotion, it creates emotional equilibrium and will help you to find a calm, centred space around which emotions can rage without affecting your inner serenity.

Mentally, this stone brings heart and mind together as it links the solar plexus, heart and throat chakras with the universal mind, providing clarity and inner strength when dealing with emotional issues and strengthening your spiritual will.

Emotionally, Adamite assists in clearly communicating your needs, especially when you need to change an emotional interaction to allow more room for expressing feelings. This is the perfect stone to attract more joy into your life.

Psychologically, Adamite is useful if you have to focus on specific tasks or face difficult choices. It helps in consulting your inner self and in directing you to where answers lie. The answer might not be at all what you were expecting - this stone suggests surprising and innovative solutions, but they work if you trust the process.

Being a creative stone, Adamite helps to move forward confidently into an unknown future and activates entrepreneurial skills. It induces the ability to identify new avenues for growth in both your business and personal life and is the perfect stone to programme to attract a new job or prosperity.

HEALING Supports the heart, lungs and throat, cellular memory', the endocrine system and glands; is beneficial for seasonal affective disorder (SAD), PMS and chronic fatigue.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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