Benefits of AEGIRINE

Crystal Therapy


Green-red or black             


Transparent to opaque, long crystal, sometimes                  striated or small crystals on a matrix        


Easily obtained    


Greenland, United States, Africa               

ATTRIBUTES Focusing energy for personal or environmental healing, Aegirine is a powerful energy generator. Spiritually, this stone empowers the quest for your true self and teaches how to be true to that self. Aegirine assists in facing your karma' confidently and with integrity. A protective stone that is extremely helpful in psychic attack' and mental influence, Aegrine dissolves thought forms' and helps to repair the biomagnetic sheath' after the removal of attachments' or negative energy.

Psychologically, this stone facilitates integrity and enhances self- esteem. Promoting sincerity in all that you do, it imparts the ability to do what is needed from the heart

Mentally, Aegirine turns negative thoughts positive. This stone helps you to see the bigger picture and encourages you to follow your own truth without conforming to group pressure or the ideas or ideals of others. It shows how to focus your goals wisely, setting your intent without emotional investment in the outcome.

Emotionally, Aegirine heals relationship problems and transmutes grief after separation. It removes energy blockages from the emotional body and enhances positive vibrations.

Physically, by boosting the body's self-healing systems, Aegirine enhances the healing power of other crystals.

HEALING Supports cellular memory', the immune, metabolic and nervous systems, and the liver, gallbladder, spleen, muscles and bones. It overcomes muscle pain, facilitating the removal of toxins.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. To stimulate the immune system, place over the thymus. To dissolve thought forms, place on the throat, third eye or soma chakra. 

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