Crystal Therapy




Gritty and opaque, transparent when faceted, shines red according to light source             




Russia, United States, Brazil, China, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Czech Republic, France, Norway          

ATTRIBUTES A symbol of royal power and an efficient guardian stone, Alexandrite supports longevity, being a useful purifier and renewer, and is said to bring about a joyful inner transformation. Karmically', this stone links to the esoteric knowledge once stored in the library at Alexandria. Worn over the heart, Alexandrite is said to bring luck in love and to impart grace and elegance to the wearer. With its ability to show two colours at once, Alexandrite allows you to see both sides of the picture and links the heart and the mind so they come from a dispassionate, illumined perspective that encompasses and integrates the rational and the intuitive viewpoints.

Psychologically, Alexandrite, a regenerative stone, rebuilds self-respect and self-worth. Through realignment and centring you around your self, it reinforces your sense of who you really are. This stone strengthens willpower and dreaming, and assists in accurately assessing emotions - both your own and those of others.

Mentally, this stone inspires the imagination and attunes to your inner voice. A comforter that facilitates emotional maturity and encourages joyfulness in everyday life, Alexandrite teaches how to expend less effort. Physically, this stone harmonizes male and female energies and encourages tissue regeneration.

HEALING Balances the nervous and glandular systems; soothes inflammation, tension in neck muscles and the side effects of leukaemia. It supports the pineal and pituitary glands, spleen, pancreas, liver, male reproductive organs and neurological tissue.


POSITION Hold, grid place as appropriate. 

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