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Lustrous, opaque, light colour       


Easily obtained    


United States, Brazil, France, Germany, Sweden, Myanmar, Canada         

ATTRIBUTES Amblygonite is an extremely creative stone for the arts, promoting and enhancing music, poetry and creativity of all kinds. Meditating with it or keeping it close by expands your talents.

A stone of psychological and emotional balance, Amblygonite assists in nurturing yourself and reconciling dualities, integrating the polarities of being. Activating the solar plexus and higher crown chakras, this stone unites the emotions and the mind, and aligns all the chakra systems so that energy flows more freely between the subtle bodies'. Amblygonite encourages empathy, service and thoughtfulness towards those around you without falling into the trap of martyrdom or victimhood.

Spiritually, by strengthening your sense of self-worth, Amblygonite awakens your knowing that you are a divine soul who is immortal and passes on to other planes of existence after earth-life is over.

Emotionally, this is a useful stone for gently releasing emotional hooks from the solar plexus, especially where these belong to past partners or parents who still try to retain control. Amblygonite also assists in ending relationships without angry consequences.

In physical healing, Amblygonite activates the electrical systems of the body and, taped over the thymus, protects against computer emanations in those who are sensitive.

Environmentally, this stone is an efficient grid' for areas of discordance or public disorder, bringing peace and tranquility, especially where young people are involved.

HEALING Helpful for stress, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and hyperactivity; reported to heal genetic disorders, headaches, bone disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stomach and digestion problems.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.

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