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United States, Himalayas, China                 

ATTRIBUTES Amethyst Herkimer is attuned to the violet flame' of transmutation and opens the highest spiritual connections. Spiritually, by fine-tuning the third eye, it is a powerful metaphysical tool that facilitates soul retrieval' from any lifetime, integrating disparate parts of the self and inducing deep soul healing. Aligning the incarnated soul with other soul dimensions, it reintegrates the soul as a vehicle for pure spirit. Used wisely by evolved souls, Amethyst Herkimer can bring enlightenment. It creates a powerful soul shield when journeying' or meditating, and purifies energy after spiritual or healing work.

Psychologically, Amethyst Herkimer facilitates creativity and attunement to the higher mind, releasing obsessions and ingrained behaviour patterns. Emotionally, this stone is perfect for programming to attract your twin flame" and soul companions.

HEALING Works beyond the physical level of being to heal the soul.

POSITION Place on the heart or higher heart chakra, or as appropriate.


'Citrine' Herkimer (yellow) transmutes poverty consciousness', removing ingrained programmes and beliefs that keep you mired in poverty no matter what their source, opening the way to abundance and enhancing motivation. A powerful cleanser and regenerator, this is a n effective stone for enhancing earth energies and encouraging the ethical use of the earth's resources. A powerful protector for the biomagnetic sheath', subtle bodies' and chakras, it realigns cellular memory' and connects the solar plexus and heart, bringing unconditional love into. all emotions. Gridding" 'Citrine' Herkimer stimulates creative energy and encourages abundant fertility.

'Smoky' Herkimer (grey/brown) aligns the earth and base chakras to ground spiritual reality. Useful for psychic clearing and detoxification, it protects against electromagnetic or geopathic pollution and draws its effects out of the subtle bodies, creating a protective shield for the body or, when gridded, for the environment. Aligned to the karma of grace', this stone is an excellent accompaniment through death and beyond.

Golden Enhydro Herkimer contains bubbles of liquid millions of years old and connects to All That Is', bringing about deep emotional healing and transmutation. Attuned to the golden flame of the illumined mind, Golden Enhydro Herkimer goes straight to the ages-old wisdom of the Himalayas. This incredibly energetic stone aligns the solar plexus, third eye, crown and higher crown chakras with the soul star. A useful developer of spiritual gifts, it clears implants' and removes restrictions placed on spiritual sight in this or any other life.

A powerful healer for the solar plexus and karmic' emotional disturbances, Golden Herkimer cleanses the emotional body, creating emotional well-being. In those who have changed sex between incarnations, this stone eliminates resulting gender confusion or ambivalence.


Blue Herkimer with Boulangerite from Romania has a soft, gentle energy that brings joy to the heart and an innate sense of well-being. This stone abhors stagnation and pushes you forward into what you might be, at a pace you can accept. It is helpful for energy circulation within the body, particularly within less flexible components, decrystallizing blockages. Aligning and energizing the whole chakra system, this stone can stimulate the third eye when it has been forcibly closed in previous lives. Opening a new sense of vision, this stone transports you into a quiet space of inner contemplation and soul knowing. 

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