Crystal Therapy




Opaque, slightly iridescent blue stone       


Easily obtained    



ATTRIBUTES Andean Blue Opal promotes right action for the highest good. A useful journeying' stone enhancing receptivity, it induces mild hypnotic trance, enhancing divination and metaphysical gifts'. Spiritually, it stimulates communication from the heart as it smoothes the biomagnetic field', enhancing connection with others. A karmic' healer, it cauterizes emotional wounds from any lifetime and supports inner serenity during stressful situations. By reminding of the need to heal the earth, it is useful for environmental healing and for those who transmute changing vibration through their physical or subtle bodies'.

HEALING Helpful for cellular memory', water retention, muscular swelling; supports the heart, lungs and thymus.

POSITION Wear, hold, grid or place as appropriate.



Oregon Opal carries cosmic consciousness' and facilitates moving between dimensions, past-life exploration and karmic healing, showing how what is created in one life affects another. It searches out lies and delusions, both from other people and self-deception, revealing the truth. It releases old grief, trauma and disappointment, replacing these with joy and lightness. It cleanses the emotional body of baggage and amplifies the entire range of positive emotions, ensuring that you speak your emotional truth. Physically, this stone removes excess mucus.


Girasol (Blue Opal) enhances connections between members of a soul group' and shows where these are beneficial in present life. Indicating solutions to difficulties, especially where these could not be spoken about in the past, it brings untruths to light. Karmically, Girasol is useful when past-life experiences affect the present, especially as panic or phobias. It dissolves imprints on the etheric blueprint' and cellular memory is restored. Mentally, Girasol stimulates creativity, enhancing communication. An emotional comforter, it separates psychic impressions from your own hidden feelings. Assisting in understanding the deep causes of disease', it strengthens boundaries and teaches how to satisfy your emotional needs. Gridding' Girasol creates a quiet space in which to work and meditate. Physically, it helps iron assimilation, vision, fatigue, metabolism, hair loss and the lymph nodes. 

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