Crystal Therapy


Apple green          


Opaque stone      


Easily obtained    


Canada, United States, Germany, Sardinia, Italy,               Spain, Greece     

ATTRIBUTES Spiritually, Annabergite teaches that everything is perfect exactly as it is, showing you the harmony of your highest self and opening up all possibilities. Placed on the third eye, this mystical stone enhances visualization and intuition, and assists contact with wise beings of the universe.

Psychologically, placed on the soma chakra, this stone enables knowing who you truly are and reflecting this out to the world. This crystal is elusive, appearing when the time is right and bringing with it the knowledge you need, and so it is a useful indicator of the right timing for psychological change.

Annabergite aligns the biomagnetic sheath' and chakras, cleansing the earth chakra and strengthening the biomagnetic energies. In the physical meridians', it enhances the flow of energy and harmonizes them with the earth's meridian grid, facilitating multi-dimensional cellular healing.

Physically, Annabergite opens healing potential and prepares the body to receive radiotherapy and to fight infections, and it enhances receptivity when undergoing radionic' or any form of energy medicine. It can stimulate ambidextrousness and support the learning of languages or shorthand, and reading and understanding symbols or dream imagery.

HEALING Supports cellular memory' and overcomes dehydration, tumours, cellular disorders and infections.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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