Benefits of BARITE

Crystal Therapy


White, orange, greenish                  


Vitreous clear crystal, bladed or fibrous mass         


Easily obtained    


United States, Britain, Germany                 

ATTRIBUTES This stone facilitates communicating intuitive vision. A traditional journeying stone, Barite stimulates both dreaming and dream recall. If anonymity and stealth are required for ritual working, Barite confers this and guides you safely back.

Spiritually, this is a useful stone for cleansing and rebalancing the entire chakra system. Psychologically, Barite enhances autonomy. If you have conformed to others' ideals instead of your own, or have been at the beck and call of others, Barite sets you free. Conversely, it supports loyalty to an appropriate person or ideal. This stone overcomes shyness and assists with interpersonal communication and mental focus. It teaches you where your boundaries lie. A strongly motivating stone, Barite benefits people whose energies are scattered or exhausted.

Mentally, Barite is supportive for the memory and encourages efficient functioning of the brain, heightening your ability to organize and express thoughts.

Emotionally, Barite is beneficial for platonic friendships and encourages intimacy and insight into relationships of all kinds. A powerful transformer, it may bring about a catharsis in which old emotional patterns, obsessions and fears are released (a process best undertaken with a qualified therapist), and other crystals may be required to restore equilibrium. The emotional catharsis may release long-repressed emotions and restructure the emotional body to restore calm.

HEALING Assists vitality, over-sensitivity to cold or temperature changes, memory, chronic fatigue, detoxification, the brain, vision, addiction and sore throat. It balances brain chemistry and calms the stomach and nervous system.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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