Benefits of BIXBITE

Crystal Therapy


Bright red               


Translucent or transparent crystal               


Extremely rare    


United States (may be lab-grown with somewhat lesser properties)        

ATTRIBUTES A creative and powerful stone, promoting courage, passion and Willpower without egotism, Bixbite encourages respect for others. This stone stimulates the base chakras and links to the heart, grounding you in compassionate love and releasing karmic' conflict and ancient wounds. Its fiery colour derives from manganese, required for cell reproduction and fatty acids for the formation of new blood cells.

HEALING Promotes self-healing and cell repair; supportive during convalescence, increasing stamina and vitality; assists the reproductive organs, liver and blood, metabolic and enzyme processes, teeth and bones.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Place over the base and sacral chakras to increase fertility and creativity. 

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