Benefits of BLOOD OF ISIS

Crystal Therapy




Transparent crystal with 'smoke' effect                    


Rare and expensive           


Red Sea, Egypt  

ATTRIBUTES Blood of Isis is gem-quality Carnelian, which was popular for protective amulets and offerings to the gods not only in Egypt but also in Europe, Myanmar and Japan. It was almost certainly one of the stones used in the Breastplate of the High Priest and attunes to Isis energy, the divine feminine principle.

The goddess Isis was both a powerful priestess, with power over life and death, and the archetypal devoted wife and mother. Each year in her honour, a great mystery was enacted in the temples: that of birth, death and regeneration. Meditating or sleeping with this stone under your pillow invokes a profound connection to the universal feminine and the goddess-within, and also helps remove the veils of Isis to reach spiritual clarity and true sight.

The medieval lapidary of King Alphonso the Learned of Spain, translated from a much earlier Arab text preserving very ancient knowledge, calls this the 'stone of sleep' and also attributes to it the quality of emitting light. Said to impart a deep stupor, it was apparently used to dull pain, especially during surgery.

Spiritually, the stone assists in remembering the lost and forgotten parts of yourself, especially the opposite gender to the body you now inhabit. It facilitates making an inner marriage, uniting your masculine and feminine qualities, and is helpful for men who have lost touch with the creative, empowered feminine part of their psyche.

Psychologically, Blood of Isis is an excellent stone to foster forgiveness. The ancient Egyptians wore Carnelian to calm anger, jealousy, envy and other negative symptoms. The goddess Isis forgave her sister for stealing her husband, and her brother-in-law for killing him. She knew the depths of grief and the stone also assists with grief work, ameliorating loss and bringing acceptance of the cycles of life.

Physically, this stone is helpful at menopause for a woman who mourns the loss of her fertility and for 'empty nest syndrome', attuning her to a new purpose - becoming a truly wise woman.

HEALING Traditionally used for healing blood and the organs of fertility: said to help with PMS, infertility and menopausal symptoms.

POSITION Wear or position as appropriate.



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