Crystal Therapy


Blue on white (colour enhanced)                 


Scintillating patches in a clear crystal           


Easily obtained but expensive       



ATTRIBUTES A refined, high-vibrational stone, colour-infused Blue Moonstone is an activation stone par excellence, having a powerful effect on unawakened potential and creating a gateway to exceedingly high levels of consciousness and multi-dimensions. This stone creates a subtle geometric merkaba'-shaped energetic pathway in the physical brain, linking the alta-major (past-life) chakras with the hypothalamus, hippocampus, pineal and pituitary glands, and the third eye and soma chakras. This opens a higher-dimensional' space within the brain, anchored to the thymus and higher heart chakra so that it manifests within the physical world. Blue Moonstone attunes the metabolism to assimilate the minerals and nutrients that the activated light body' requires to function on the earth plane.

Spiritually, Blue Moonstone enables you to have a foot in both worlds - physical and spiritual- being 'here' and 'there' at the same time with no duality or conflict and complete clarity of awareness. It also activates a cosmic anchor'. On the soma chakra, it brings ideas into manifestation by first creating an energy structure.

HEALING Placing Blue Moonstone on the neck where the spinal column meets the skull has the same effect as a craniosacral treatment releasing muscle tension and bringing subtle energies, blood vessels and nerves passing through this area into more perfect function.

POSITION Wear or place as appropriate.



Rainbow Moonstone carries the vibration of cosmic light and offers spiritual healing for the whole of humanity. Taking you on inter- and multi-dimensional journeys', it reminds you that you are part of an ongoing, ever-unfolding cycle, and links into your overall soul as well as your current life plan'. Helping you to see the unseen, intuitively read symbols and synchronicities, and opening you to spiritual gifts, Rainbow Moonstone may leave sensitive people feeling psychically or emotionally overwhelmed, although it provides insight in appropriate circumstances. This stone is powerfully attuned to the cycles and phases of the moon and may need removing at full moon. Rainbow Moonstone is beneficial for the internal organs, eyes, arteries and veins. 

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