Benefits of BORNITE

Crystal Therapy


Gold with coloured flashes             


Opaque, metallic, tarnishes to iridescent                 


Easily obtained    


United States, Canada, Morocco, Germany, Poland, England, Chile, Australia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, France, Norway                  

ATTRIBUTES Opening psychic abilities and enhancing inner knowing, Bornite teaches trust in the intuitive process. Spiritually, by assisting with visualization and creating you r own reality, Bornite fosters concern about all beings on the planet, advocating social justice and equality for all.

Psychologically an effective protector against, and transmuter of, negative thoughts and beliefs, Bornite teaches how to negotiate obstacles with ease and encourages finding happiness in the present moment. This stone assists in dealing with traumatic situations and identifying the lessons behind them. Integrating mind, body, emotions and soul, Bornite filters out what is no longer relevant and assists in moving on.

Mentally, Bornite identifies the source of detrimental thoughts so that they are eliminated. An effective tool during any kind of rebirthing work, this stone can be programmed to send or receive healing from a distance - in which case it should be carried or worn over the thymus.

HEALING Assists with regeneration, cellular memory', cellular structures, metabolic imbalances, over-acidity, assimilation of potassium and swelling. It dissolves calcified deposits and calms spasm.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate; wear set in silver.



Bornite on Silver reinforces the silver cord' that connects the subtle bodies to the physical, ensuring safe return during journeying'. Silver is a stabilizing metal that strengthens the qualities of the stone to which it is attached and focuses its energy appropriately. Silver is a feminine, moon-attuned metal and, heightening perception and intuition, this combination acts as a reflective mirror for mystic visions, scrying or inspiration. It assists with accessing and reframing the source of third-eye blockages, especially where these have been deliberately induced in the past. Emotionally, Bornite on Silver enhances mothering oneself and the nurturing process, and heightens platonic or romantic love. Physically, this combination facilitates the reprogramming of cellular memory, supports the cellular structures in the body, the assimilation of potassium and metabolic imbalances. It assists in dissolving calcified deposits and swelling. 

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