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Clear, purple, smoky brown,yellow            


Bright clear point with phantoms or bubbles included        


Becoming more available but rising in price             



ATTRIBUTES Brandenberg has an exceedingly high vibration'. A powerful stone for spiritual alchemy, it connects to the immensity of your spiritual being and All That Is'. Attuned to the white flame' of pure consciousness and emanating infinite compassion, this stone is perfect for deep soul healing and forgiveness work.

Spiritually an effective aid to work at all levels, rapidly linking to multi-dimensions, this stone assists in looking inward or climbing the vibrational ladder to other dimensions. Brandenberg attaches a cosmic anchor' deep in the earth and at the centre of the galaxy, ensuring an inner-core energetic solidity no matter what changes occur. Facilitating an objective viewpoint, it is useful when travelling to dimensions of which you could not otherwise retain consciousness awareness. This stone instils brainwave combinations that enhance meditation, regression and healing.

Although a hugely versatile crystal as each one carries the resonance of clear, smoky and amethyst vibrations, more than any other stone Brandenbergs are person-specific and task-related. When you find your particular stone, you know, but you may need several, as one could be attuned to earth healing', another to soul or karmic' healing and so on. There are Brandenbergs that do everything and they may be tiny or huge - size has no relevance, it is the resonance that counts. Call your Brandenberg to you in the spiritual dimension before seeking the physical stone.

This stone is a gatekeeper that protects against psychic attack' and alien invasion, and repels negative energy, calling in positive light. It holds a light when working in shadows or underworld, especially during soul- or child-parts retrieval and facilitates purification and integration of those parts into your present self. Placed on the soma, soul star or stellar gateway chakras, Brandenberg attunes to your core spiritual identity, facilitating true self-reflection and consciousness activation.


On the heart seed chakra, it assists travel to the between-life state' to ascertain your soul plan' for the current lifetime, identifying forks in the road where a conscious choice was needed. It shows how to return to your original soul plan if you have deviated and how to release outgrown soul imperatives'. On the past-life chakras, Brandenberg heals the imprints and effects of trauma in previous lives, no matter in what dimension those lives were lived. On the third eye, this stone removes blockages to spiritual or psychic sight and accesses guidance from the purest source.

Brandenberg works by restoring to its perfect energetic state the etheric blueprint' from which your physical body was formed by taking it back to the highest vibration and attuning to All That Is: the original, perfect blueprint before time began. The healing, often instantaneous and profound, filters into the mental, psychological, emotional and physical bodies, restoring balance on all those levels.

A Brandenberg clears the higher heart chakra and opens the throat so that spiritual truth is spoken with unconditional love and compassion. It quickly disconnects a previously made mystic marriage or any relationship that has resulted in intertwining at the higher chakras.

Physically, this stone accelerates convalescence and restores vitality by taking you into the most perfect energetic state possible.

HEALING A master healer that supports recovery from illness and depletion and restores vitality; helpful for concussion and immune deficiencies, chronic fatigue, limbic brain function and multi- dimensional cellular memory' healing. It ameliorates dental pain.

POSITION Place or hold as appropriate.


Smoky Amethyst Brandenberg visibly combines Amethyst and Smoky Quartz, either as phantoms or body colour. It is the finest tool available for removing implants', attachments', spirit possession or mental influence. This is the stone par excellence for conscious transformation or transition, especially through death.

Smoky Brandenberg is the perfect stone for earth healing, taking the earth grid back to its perfect blueprint, restoring the earth's chakra and meridian' systems, and sending the healing deep into the earth to restore the Earth Mother herself. This stone cleanses and re-attaches your cosmic         anchor. If you took on a disease', physical or psychiatric condition or traumatic circumstances for reasons of karma or soul growth - or for restitution - Smoky Brandenberg facilitates understanding the gifts you seek. It helps in facing the remainder of your current life with equanimity and joy, knowing that your situation is exactly right for spiritual evolution.

Amethyst Brandenberg is an excellent stone for any matters of the heart as it takes you into the transmutational violet flame of unconditional love and divinity at the centre of the universe. Being bathed in this love brings about profound healing. Past-life heartbreak or imperatives towards soulmates are dissolved by an Amethyst Brandenberg, setting you free to call in your twin flamein the present incarnation, whether as an inner marriage between your masculine and feminine qualities, or as an outer- world alliance that totally supports who you are in your fullness and spiritual being.

'Citrine' Brandenberg is a rare and special crystal attuned to the golden flame of the illumined mind. It opens soul abundance and spiritual joy, teaching how to fully appreciate life as an enlightened and truly empowered soul incarnated on the earth.


Chlorite Brandenberg (green inclusions) is attuned to the viridian flame of spiritual heart purification and is a deep soul cleanser and etheric purifier, preparing the light body for full embodiment. 

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