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Transparent, slightly ribbed            





ATTRIBUTES Brazilianite has a zingy, high-energy vibration' that empowers the spiritual will and assists manifestation. Said to connect to Atlantis, this highly creative stone spiritually opens metaphysical gifts' and shows how to achieve apparently supernatural feats that are within expanded human capabilities. If you misused such energies in Atlantis, it cleanses the past and re-empowers your soul integrity.

Psychologically, if you have difficulty in establishing boundaries for yourself and others, Brazilianite assists in knowing where you end and others begin, teaching how to say no and preventing psychic intrusion into your space. It overcomes a victim or martyr mentality, especially if this has a past-life root, teaching instead how to be a proud survivor. A stone of right action, Brazilianite assists in setting limits and is particularly helpful in laying down rules for teenagers testing parental boundaries. Brazilianite also assists if others push your boundaries inappropriately - and shows how to expand your boundaries if these are too tight because of fear or previous abuse. It helps in taking responsibility for yourself, standing on an edge and moving forward confidently knowing that you follow the rightness of your soul path.

Emotionally, it assists in becoming aware of your vulnerabilities, especially if these have long been denied. If emotions such as resentment have been holding you back, this stone transmutes them and assists in forgiving yourself. Giving emotional strength, Brazilianite teaches how to find your core strength rather than growing a carapace to cover vulnerability but leaving a black hole in your emotional centre.

Physically, Brazilianite assists energy flow and circulation within the body, clearing meridians' and removing excess heat.

HEALING Said to release pollutants such as heavy metals, supporting the kidneys and other excretory organs.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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