Crystal Therapy


Orange-red on white        


Small red crystals cascading down a larger point                    


Rare, one site only             


South Africa        

ATTRIBUTES The colour in Bushman Red Cascade Quartz comes from Limonite, which creates a powerful energetic charge attuned to the vermilion flame" of the spiritual will that draws on deep reserves of physical and emotional energy If you feel depleted, physically or spiritually, this vigorous drusy stone quickly refreshes, taking you to a high energetic state, but needs to be used with caution as the energies may be too much to handle unless you are skilled in assimilating crystal energy In those who are sensitive, it can bring on a manic episode - or inspire creativity - so use under the guidance of a qualified healer.

Psychologically, Bushman Quartz improves creativity Mentally, this stone enhances intellectual skill and efficiency, instilling persistence and encouraging positive action you can programme Bushman Quartz to bring about a favourable legal outcome.

Emotionally, Bushman Quartz works well with Smoky Quartz to purify negative emotions and release ingrained behavioural patterns of lethargy or apathy It awakens the personal will, aligns it to the Higher Self and shows the way forward, acting as a spur to soul growth.

Physically, by stimulating the base and sacral chakras, Bushman Red Cascade invigorates and adds fecundity and zest to your life.

This stone works well in the south of the crystal medicine wheel to bring about a rebirth and assist the soul in coming comfortably into incarnation with a fully functioning spiritualized will aligned to its soul plan,

HEALING Supports vitality, vigour and blood flow; strengthens blood vessels and muscles.

Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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