Benefits of BUSTAMITE

Crystal Therapy




Vitreous, opaque and patterned                 


Easily obtained but expensive       


South Africa, Sweden, Russia, Peru, Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Honduras, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Britain, Brazil       

ATTRIBUTES Bustamite carries a powerful energy that brings about deep connection to the earth and facilitates earth healing', repairing and realigning the meridians of the earth's etheric body. Spiritually, it is excellent for gridding' a safe space in which to carry out ritual work, initiation or meditation. Stimulating conscious dreaming and intuition, Bustamite enhances channeling' and accesses the angelic realms. It is said to lose its lustre in the presence of danger.

Mentally, this stone helps you to retain composure and creates inner congruency, helping to stand back from disharmonious experiences while remaining physically present, or facilitating your physical absence from detrimental situations. This stone turns ideals and ideas into positive action.

Emotionally, Bustamite removes old pain, harmonizing the emotional energy system and healing cellular memory'. Physically, this stone realigns the energy meridians of the physical and subtle bodies. When Bustamite assists with healing, you follow your life path with great vitality.

HEALING Beneficial for cellular memory, stress-related illness, calcium deficiencies, circulation, headaches and fluid retention, Bustamite supports the legs and feet, heart, skin, nails, hair, motor nerves, muscle strength, spleen, lungs, prostate gland, sexual organs, endocrine and digestive systems, and balances the pancreas.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 



Bustamite with Sugilite unites heaven and earth. It increases spiritual and psychic awareness whilst enhancing groundedness, and it opens intuition, improving your ability to listen to the voice of yourself. Using this stone, sensitive people are helped to adapt to being in the earth environment while keeping their spiritual connection open to nourish the core of their being. Psychologically, this is a useful stone for anyone who feels they do not fit in. Programme it to draw like-minded souls together and to channel more love into the earth. Physically, Bustamite with Sugilite is excellent for relieving migraine and headaches. 

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