Benefits of Body Earth and Nature

Crystal Therapy

All spiritual traditions have, at their core, a metaphor for bringing the auric life essence back into balance. As we have seen, in many ancient myths it is the Bone Goddess who raises the dead. In India the allegory is in rebuilding the dismembered body of Prajapati the Creator; in Qabalah, it's reconstituting Adam Kadmon, the primordial Adam or first man. In Egyptian myth the process entails the resurrection of Osiris by Isis, the first alchemist. All of these traditions bring the body-earth back to Nature by raising the serpent power. This coiled serpent is the fire that lies asleep within the lowest body center, waiting to be awakened. In India, this system is called Kundalini Yoga. The Qabalists use a similar practice to build the Tree of Life within the aura. In Egypt, we have some fairly provocative evidence that there existed a meditative system in which the seven chakras-which we have defined in chapter 1 as "spirit energy centers"-were equated with the seven planets. There are interesting correspondences between Asiatic Indian concepts and the American Indian epic called Papal Vuh, where the Maya describe kundalini as lightning and depict body centers as animal instead of planetary energies. Awakening the serpent power is a means to attaining wholeness.

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