Crystal Therapy


Vivid turquoise blue, yellow, grey               


Small prismatic or pyramidal crystals           


Easily available    


Brazil, Cornwall, United States, China       

ATTRIBUTES A form of tin, Cassiterite was traditionally linked to astrology and astronomy and assists in understanding the major cycles of life. Affording useful protection at every level, spiritually Cassiterite reminds you of your inherent perfection and divinity. With the help of Cassiterite, you can manifest your dreams and hopes for the future.

Psychologically, this stone assists in objectively perceiving how and why things were as they were, opening the way for compassion and forgiveness for all concerned and releasing cellular memories' so that deep soul healing can take place. A stone of tough love, Cassiterite encourages doing exactly what is necessary and no more for yourself and others, cutting through a tendency to sacrifice or martyr yourself and mitigating a saviour complex.

Mentally, Cassiterite imparts mathematical precision, giving a razor- sharp mind and the insight needed to see into the source of a problem and reframe it.

A powerful emotional healer, Cassiterite is a useful stone for anyone who was severely disapproved of in childhood or for other situations such as rejection, abandonment, prejudice or alienation. Making an excellent container for negative energy, it gently dissolves the resulting pain and is particularly useful where this underlies eating disorders or compulsive behaviour. The stone supports transitions of all kinds.

HEALING Beneficial for eating disorders, obesity, malnutrition, cellular memory, the nervous and hormonal systems and secretions.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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