Benefits of CAVANSITE

Crystal Therapy


Vivid turquoise blue          


Translucent to transparent, vitreous, crystalline                or pearly radial spheres, rosettes or fans on a matrix          


Easily obtained    


India, United States, Brazil, New Zealand               

ATTRIBUTES A stone of purification and regeneration, Cavansite facilitates conscious astral journeying" and past-life exploration. Karmically, with the assistance of this stone, trauma can be reframed at source so that it does not manifest in the present day (use under the guidance of an experienced past-life therapist). Placed on the third eye, Cavansite stimulates channeling and metaphysical awareness, and combines this with pragmatic everyday learning and logical thought.

Psychologically, this life-affirming stone brings optimism and inspiration into your world. A self-reflective stone that assists in going deep within, it redresses destructive behaviour or ingrained thought patterns, enabling you to be comfortable in your physicality and encouraging self-respect. Mentally, Cavansite helps you to think before you act and, combining logic and intuition, shows the way to work through problems and assists in communicating all you have seen.

Physically, this stone facilitates endorphin release and the conductivity of electrical impulses around the body, enhancing the feel- good factor and bringing about cellular healing. A protective stone, Cavansite shields a healer or past-life therapist during a session. Environmentally, Cavansite sensitizes you to the need to look after the environment and instils an appreciation of the beauty all around. It is excellent for gridding" to safeguard your home or car.

HEALING Supports cellular memory" and healing of the eyes, teeth, sore throat, kidneys, bladder, blood and tinnitus; said to assist the endocrine system, recurrent disease, calcium deficiency, bone loss, joint flexibility, migraine and fragmented DNA; stabilizes the pulse.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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