Crystal Therapy


Orange, grey and white bands      


Banded, opaque stone    


Easily obtained    


England, Poland, Denmark, Australia, United States          

ATTRIBUTES Celestobarite cuts through blockages and takes you to the edge and beyond. Spiritually, it encompasses past, present and future and explores the multi-dimensional layers of being. With strong shielding energy, this is an excellent journeying' stone that holds you suspended between the earth and soul star chakras and takes you safely into the shamanic worlds in which reside soul aspects and entities'. Celestobarite is perfect for creating a shamanic anchor' for both lower- and upper-world' journeys and it activates a cosmic anchor', stabilizing your energy to the core of the planet and the centre of the galaxy, for which it needs bands top and bottom.

Celestobarite is a shamanic oracle that shows you both sides of an issue, elucidating what is not clear but leaving you to decide what to believe or put into practice.

Belonging to the south on the medicine wheel this stone has an affinity with Coyote, a joker energy that presents the darker side in a joyful way and reminds you that nothing stays the same. It teaches how to la ugh at yourself and the absurdities of the human condition. If you feel as though an answer or insight is Just out of your grasp, holding Celestobarite will bring the answer to the surface and you will see how it has been staring you in the face all along.

HEALING Brings about multi-dimensional healing beyond the physical level of being, but can also help you to feel more integrated in the physical body


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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