Crystal Therapy


Brassy yellow when polished         


Opaque crystal that tarnishes to multi-coloured                   


Easily obtained    


France, Chile, Namibia, Zambia, Peru, Germany,               Spain, United States        

ATTRIBUTES A powerful energy conduit, Chalcopyrite puts you through 'the fires of truth', tempering your soul, and assists in the assimilation of spiritual knowledge. Spiritually, this stone is an aid to achieving the state of 'no mind' required for deep meditation and contemplation of the perfection of the universe. Linking to ancient civilizations, it assists in ascertaining the cause of present life difficulties or diseases.

Psychologically, Chalcopyrite shows that prosperity is a state of mind and helps to attract abundance into your life. Mentally, Chalcopyrite assists accurate perception and logical thought while listening to your inner voice.

Physically, this stone stabilizes cell energy as higher frequencies are integrated and is effective for heightening the effect of acupuncture or acupressure as it dissolves energy blockages and enhances the movement of qi around the body. Grid' around the couch, bed or chair for maximum assimilation of energies. It is also supportive during Tai Chi. Environmentally, this stone is reported to locate lost objects; the stone itself disappears and reappears through different realities.

HEALING Beneficial for cellular memory', energy blockages, hair growth, thread veins, brain disorders, excretory organs, tumours, infectious diseases, RNA/DNA, arthritis, bronchitis, inflammation, fever.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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