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Bubbly coating on points and 'tubes           


Fairly easily obtained         




ATTRIBUTES Chinese Chromium Quartz is created by superheating Quartz with Chromium so that it fuses on the surface. An insightful stone to meditate with to find out exactly what underlies a breakdown in the pancreas and reveal the psychosomatic causes of diabetes, it often indicates that the incarnating soul feels that the sweetness has gone out of life. Pinpointing the control mechanisms in which you have become stuck, Chinese Chromium Quartz gives clarity about what is needed to bring life back into balance and reconnect to joy, the crystal suggesting what would bring back that sweetness - and exactly how this will occur. In the meantime, Chinese Chromium Quartz provides understanding and companionship, teaching that all you need is within yourself.

Emotionally, facilitating independence and centring in your heart, Chinese Chromium Quartz helps in realizing that no one else is required for, or provides, your happiness. That is up to you.

Physically, Chromium has traditionally been used to heal the pancreas and associated blood-sugar imbalances and conditions. In those who feel drawn to this stone, it regulates metabolism and stimulates the immune system. If you have mercury toxicity or other heavy-metal overload, Chinese Chromium Quartz works homeopathically to mobilize the metals out of your body.

HEALING Assists in heavy-metal toxicity, blood-sugar imbalances, diabetes, chronic fatigue, weight regulation and hormone deficiencies.


POSITION Hold, grid or position as appropriate. Tape over the pancreas. 

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