Benefits of CHRYSOTILE

Crystal Therapy




Yellow and green                


Concentric dark and light banded stone                    




United States, Canada, India, Russia, Australia, Arabia     

ATTRIBUTES If you angle Chrysotile into the light, it is possible to see ancient writing inscribed within it that links to the knowledge of the ages and it is possible that this was one of the stones in the Breastplate of the High Priest. A shamanic stone, Chrysotile is useful when working the crystal medicine wheel as, deep within it, your power animal waits to make itself known so that you can embody it, journey and learn from its wisdom.

Spiritually, this powerful stone assists in clearing away the debris of the past to reveal and integrate your core self. Psychologically a stone of integrity and self-honesty, Chrysotile shows where you seek to control others, assisting in letting that go while steering your destiny. This stone can be used to bring you what you desire, but you need to be sure of the full implications of that desire before using it.

Physically, when placed over the thymus, Chrysotile works on the etheric blueprint' to heal cellular memory' and correct imbalances and blockages that could manifest as physical disease unless redressed.

HEALING Beneficial for chronic fatigue, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, irritating coughs and emphysema. It supports the parathyroid, throat, brainstem, central meridian channel, veins and arteries.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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