Crystal Therapy




Opalescent. transparent to translucent blades      





ATTRIBUTES This is a useful stone to carry during a profound life change because it helps in moving forward into the future with equanimity. Encouraging planning shrewdly and wisely where necessary and trusting where appropriate. Clevelandite provides safe passage for your journey.

Spiritually a stone of initiation and transformation, Clevelandite links to the three phases of the goddess and womanhood - maiden. mother and crone - facilitating the transition through each stage and bringing about rebirth. It is the perfect stone for croning ceremonies- a welcome into the sisterhood of mature wise women.

Psychologically, Clevelandite assists in turning difficult circumstances into positive. life-affirming situations. It helps you to focus on exactly what kind of change you need to bring about and shows the gifts and tools at your disposal to assist in manifesting it.

Useful for emotional healing. when placed on the solar plexus this stone releases deeply held emotional fears of abandonment, rejection and betrayal, or the consequences of such experiences, and facilitates self-nurturing.

HEALING Lends support during puberty and menopause. Supports the cell membranes and joints. and overcomes cardiovascular disorders and stroke-damage. colitis and allergies.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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