Crystal Therapy


Vivid pink               


Small, transparent to opaque crystals        


Easily obtained    


Germany, United States, Britain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, Brazil, Romania             

ATTRIBUTES Cobalto-calcite symbolizes unconditional love and forgiveness and is attuned to the pink flame' of pure, compassionate love. A stone of self-discovery, it connects heart with mind. If you are uncertain where you need to go spiritually, gentle Cobalto-calcite helps you to find your innate talents and life purpose.

Psychologically, this beautiful crystal helps to transfer ideas into action without forcing the pace. It harmonizes the intellect and the emotions, bringing the two into balance. This compassionate stone is effective for emotional healing and overcoming emotional blocks, loneliness, grief or a broken heart. It calms intense feelings, assisting in loving yourself and others, and promotes a sense of feeling good about your life. Encouraging emotional maturation, it sends out a profoundly nurturing energy that helps you to mother yourself It is extremely supportive for those who have chosen to carry pain for other people or the planet, and for those who have given up hope. It also shows whether taking on other people's pain is appropriate, gently cutting the ties if it is not and promoting forgiveness on both sides.

For distance healing, programme Cobalto-calcite to send pink light to support someone in becoming all that they might be, then place the stone on a photograph of that person, or programme it to heal disease wherever it may be.

HEALING Works best at the emotional level of being, erasing scars and bringing more love into the physical body

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.



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