Benefits of COVELLITE

Crystal Therapy


Dark blue                


Lustrous, metallic opaque stone, sometimes tarnished    


Easily obtained    


Italy, United States, Germany, Sardinia, Wales, Alaska     

ATTRIBUTES Attuned to the Higher Self, Covellite transforms dreams into concrete realities and stimulates your metaphysical abilities. Spiritually, this reflective stone opens a doorway to the past and to the wisdom acquired in other lives. It is a useful adjunct to the rebirthing process or to any trip into the lower world.

Psychologically, Covellite is a helpful stone if you are feeling vulnerable and too easily stimulated by others. Supporting your intention and assisting in integrating your shadow qualities' and facing your karma', this stone overcomes discontent, instilling satisfaction with life. Strengthening creativity, it assists in coming to terms with sexuality, improving libido if required. Covellite harmonizes body, mind and soul and facilitates the process of loving yourself unconditionally while eliminating vanity and arrogance.

Mentally, this stone releases anything holding you back, particularly ingrained beliefs from other lives. It facilitates rational analytic thought and the decision-making process and enhances communication. Emotionally, Covellite overcomes despondency and anxiety, replacing negative emotions with loving serenity.

Physically Covellite protects the body against radiation and facilitates energy flow through cells, detoxifying and removing stagnant energy. If physical disease' has a karmic cause, Covellite helps you to explore and reframe contributory factors, but this is best done with the assistance of a qualified therapist.

HEALING Beneficial for detoxification, radiation-induced disease, birth, digestion, tumours, the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, sinuses, and throat and fungal infections.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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