Benefits of CREEDITE

Crystal Therapy


White, orange      


Transparent to opaque, or needle-like crystals set on a matrix       


Easily obtained    


United States, Mexico    

ATTRIBUTES Creedite facilitates out-of-body experiences', guiding the soul to its destination and promoting total recall of the experience. Spiritually, it attunes to a high vibration' and clarifies channeled messages and impressions received from the higher planes, bringing these into physical embodiment. This stone assists in reading the universal wisdom embodied in ancient texts and enhances communication and understanding of wisdom at any level including the Akashic Record.

Emotionally, Creedite assists in understanding the reasons and gifts behind experiences, including those from past lives. A stone that encourages dispassionate observation, Creedite releases you from an ingrained need to be a drama queen - or a martyr - enabling you to stand in the peaceful centre of you r emotions rather than being overwhelmed by them.

This stone is effective for cleansing, realigning and recharging all the chakra systems of the energetic bodies.

HEALI NG Beneficial for fractures, torn muscles and ligaments, for stabilizing the pulse and assimilating vitamins A, Band E.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


Orange Creedite speeds up the ability to move between multi- dimensional levels of consciousness, attuning the physical body to the changing vibration and imparting urgency to spiritual evolution. This cluster formation radiates energy out to the surrounding environment and absorbs detrimental energies. It is especially useful for cleansing and recharging a room or workspace and can be gridded and left in place. This stone will purify other crystals but will need cleansing afterwards.



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