Crystal Therapy

This exercise will familiarize you with your spirit energy body, or aura. It is important that you perform it regularly in order. to become more attuned to the particular color that radiates in, from, and through your body-earth. This will enable you to change your auric resonance more easily, such as when you feel run down or when you perform healing work. 1. Find a comfortable spot where you can lie down. This spot can be anywhere--on the front lawn, the bed, living room couch. 2. Close your eyes. Relax. Breathe deeply into your belly and exhale fully several times. 3. Become aware of your physical body, especially the borders surrounding the body, where the air and the skin connect. 4. Gently expand the borders as far as possible. 5. Now, within this expanded border,' "see" the spirit energy radiating in, from and through your earth body. What color vibrates there? Is it bright or dark, light or heavy? Are there any areas in the spirit energy body that are dull, murky, or empty? 6. Sometimes it is difficult to envision the color of your spirit energy body. If the color is not clear to you, imagine white or silver-blue light, or pick your favorite color. 7. If there are dull or murky areas in your spirit energy body, brighten them up. If there are pieces missing, fill them in with spirit energy. 8. Ask your spirit energy body to tell you the meaning of the color you are or the color you have chosen. (Later, you may wish to use The Seven Spirit Energy Centers section as a guide to further assess the meaning of your particular color. ) 9. Expand or shrink the borders of your spirit energy body to comfortable size. 10. 0pen your eyes.

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