Crystal Therapy




Lightly striated clear blue crystal                   


Easily obtained    


United States, Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, India      

ATTRIBUTES A higher resonance' of opaque Kyanite, self-purifying clear blue Crystalline Kyanite has an extremely light and fast vibration that quickly activates the higher chakras and the illumined mind. Useful for passing rapidly into deep meditation and opening metaphysical gifts, it induces multi-dimensional connections and heals the etheric blueprint'.

Spiritually, Crystalline Kyanite connects to your soul path and true vocation. It must be used with integrity of purpose or misuse will rebound on the wearer. Showing where you abused trust in the past, it unlocks a third eye or metaphysical gates that were closed as a result of psychic spying or the like.

At the emotional level, this stone smoothes the way for lasting relationships. Programme a pair to enhance telepathic and intuitive communication and to bring harmony and unconditional love to a partnership.

HEALING Helps ovarian or ovulation pain, the larynx and hoarseness.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate.


Black Kyanite is an effective earth and psychological healing tool that assists in moving into the between-life state' to access and manifest the current soul plan' and releases soul imperatives' that no longer serve a purpose. This stone shows the karma' currently being created by present choices and assists in foreseeing the outcome of a soul plan. An efficient stone for psychological and auric cleansing, the striations rapidly move negativity out of the subtle bodies', aligning the chakras. This stone draws disease' and stagnant energy from the physical body, replenishing it with positive life-force. Physically, this stone keeps cells connected to the overall perfect divine blueprint to maintain optimum health. A potent tool for those who have difficulty fully incarnating into earth life, it assists mental cleansing, the uro-genital and reproductive systems, muscles, adrenals, throat and parathyroid. Black Kyanite supports environmental healing, connecting with those who are assisting the evolution of the planet and pulling pollution out of the earth and transmuting it.



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