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System I: Isometric (or Cubic) Isometric crystals are generally blocky or ball-like in form, having many similar, symmetrical faces; They characteristically form as cubes, octahedrons, and dodecahedrons, either single or in various combinations. The isometric crystal system is also known as the cubic crystal system. ConstellationsPlanets Examples of Crystals Gemini Mercury Native Gold, Silver, Copper Cancer Moon Platinum, Sodalite, Fluorite Aquarius Saturn/Uranus Garnet, Lapis lazuli, Galena, Pyrite System II: Orthorhombic Orthorhombic crystals are generally short and stubby, with a diamond-shaped or rectangular cross section. They characteristically form as four sides prisms, pyramids, and pinacoids (open forms comprised of two parallel faces). Constellations Planets Examples of Crystals Taurus Venus Sulphur, Gat's eye, Peridot Leo Sun Topaz, Marcasite Scorpio Mars/Pluto System III: Tetragonal Tetragonal crystals are long, slender, or sometimes needlelike. They characteristically form into four-sided prisms, pyramids, and dipyramids. Constellations Planets Examples of Crystals Aries Mars/Pluto Rutile, Cassiterite, Apophyllite Capricorn Saturn Zircon System IV: Monoclinic Monoclinic crystals are generally stubby, with tilted matching faces at opposite ends, suggesting a distorted rectangle. These crystals characteristically form as prisms and pinacoids. Constellations Planets Examples of Crystals Pisces Jupiter/ Neptune Malachite, Azurite, Chrysocolla, jade, Selenite, Serpentine System V. Hexagonal (or Trigonal) Hexagonal crystals generally occur in prismatic or columnar formations, with rounded triangular or hexagonal cross sections. Characteristic hexagonal forms are three or six-sided prisms, pyramids, and rhombohedrons. The similar trigonal system is often included within the hexagonal system. Constellations Planets Examples of Crystals Virgo Mercury Tourmaline, Beryl, Quartz crystals, Sagittarius Jupiter Cinnabar, Hematite, Calcite, Dioptase, Apatite System VI: Triclinic Triclinic crystals are flat with sharp edges and sharp, thin cross sections. No right angles occur on faces or edges. All triclinic crystal forms are pinacoids. Constellations Planets Examples of Crystals Libra Venus Turquoise, Wulfenite, Plagioglase Feldspars

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