Benefits of Crystal and Stone Spirit

Crystal Therapy

Eventually, stone spirits incarnate into human bodies. Therefore, unlike contemporary mining companies and their workers, ancient miners and metallurgists assumed responsibility for their intervention in the birth processes of precious stones. They had full knowledge that they were ,superseding Nature by overriding time, but they did so with reverence. They were conscious of the limitations imposed by their own mortality. They were aware that by delving into the mysteries of the Earth they were tapping into the source of all life. Solitary mining, provided it is done with respect for Mother Earth, is far less invasive to the land and Nature in general. Mining in this way requires only a few tools for gathering, labeling, and identifying specimens. As crystals, gems, and minerals grow in caves, quarries, old mining sites, river beds, and wild, mountainous regions, an expedition to find the perfect stone can lift us out of the ordinary environs of daily life and into the unpredictable domain of Nature. Beyond careful attention to weather, drinking water, snakes, and biting insects, a journey into the wilderness is a journey in search of the root of cosmic water, Earth Mother, Star Woman, all our relations, and our very own soul. Long ago, back in prehistoric times, we began to change Nature. By so doing, we inadvertently took on the role of Father Time, because we no longer allowed Nature to take its own course in the seasonal procession of universal time. We decided when and if certain animals would be born, crops would ripen and be harvested, and minerals would be taken from their beds. The stones listed below will differ from the traditional gemstone and astrological correlations because we are using the six crystal systems. Crystallographers, those who have made a scientific study of the form, structure, properties, and classifications of crystals, can fit any crystal into one of the six basic crystal systems, and so can we. Following is a list of the six crystal systems and their astrological correspondences. Only a few of the many crystals that fit into these systems have been listed; all the crystals listed in each system can be used by any of the corresponding astrological signs.

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