Benefits of DATOLITE

Crystal Therapy


Yellow or green                   


Transparent to opaque, vitreous crystal or mass                   




Mexico, United States, South Africa, Tanzania, Scotland, Russia, Germany, Norway. Canada         

ATTRIBUTES Datolite has a strong connection to the Akashic Recordand, placed on the third eye or past-life chakras, provides a download of karmic and historic information that may take time to process and integrate but ultimately shows the overall soul plan" for all your lives. A useful stone for karmic and ancestral-line" healing, Datolite facilitates the retrieval of information encoded in the subtle DNA, connecting to ancestral patterns and events so that you understand why your family is as it is, and facilitating healing of the past if appropriate.


Spiritually, Datolite also activates personal soul and far memory and opens the soul star chakra. Psychologically, this stone assists in recognizing the transience of all things, ensuring that you know that 'this too will pass' and, therefore, it is a useful stone during violent upheaval or tumultuous change as it provides enormous comfort and a place of inner peace to hold on to, dissolving fear and releasing grief.

Mentally, Datolite is a problem-solving stone that enhances study skills. It improves clarity of thought and deepens concentration, leading to an ability to remember fine detail where appropriate and teaching how to discard the remainder. This stone facilitates mature thought and the flow of ideas. Emotionally. this stone brings you closer to those you love and removes obstacles that arise from a past inability to enjoy intimacy.

HEALING Improves concentration and cellular memory'; is beneficial for diabetes, hypoglycaemia and the nervous system, adapting it to the new vibrations.


POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. 

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