Benefits of EILAT STONE

Crystal Therapy


Green, blue and turquoise             


Mottled, opaque stone                    


Easily obtained    


Israel, Jordan      

ATTRIBUTES Spiritually joining the higher heart, heart and throat chakras, Eilat Stone instils a sense of wonder at the beauty of the earth. This stone balances yin and yang and brings about a lightness of being.

Mentally, since it combines Malachite, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Azurite and other minerals and is known as the sage stone, Eilat Stone offers wisdom and creative solutions to problem-solving.

Emotionally, Eilat Stone harmonizes and yet stimulates feelings, ensuring your emotional life is calm but not flat, and encourages telepathy between soul partners. This stone is particularly helpful for emotional healing where there has been incest, rape, physical violence, misogyny or sexual repression. Releasing fear and depression, it brings in creativity and emotional self-expression and encourages you to own your power.

An excellent healer on the physical level, Eilat Stone is an effective cleanser for the thymus. Flushing out hurt and loss, it removes toxins and blockages created from soul-shattering events in current or previous lives, facilitating speaking about and release from past hurts. Bringing about acceptance and inner reconciliation, it integrates soul fragments' and wipes the Akashic Record' clean, reprogramming soul and cellular memory- and reintegrating the self.

HEALING Beneficial for cellular memory, bone and tissue regeneration, the sinuses, re-ordering cellular growth rate, fever, pain, tumours, the liver, the thyroid and menstrual cramps.

POSITION Hold, grid or place as appropriate. Wear over the thymus.


NOTE The Malachite component of this stone may occasionally cause palpitations. If so, remove and calm with Smoky Quartz, Rhodochrosite or Tugtupite. 

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